Who is Stu?

I was a rigging slinger and hook tender and tail rigger as a youth. That is terminology from the logging industry. Before digital cameras and the Internet. But lots of adventures rounding up fallen timber. I have some great stories from those days. Maybe I will blog about them someday. Talk about the big red cedars so big they had to be split up so they could be transported down the public highway. We were saving the big cedars from the cedar thieves. We logged everything within 300 feet of the right of way... moving on...†
Stu in Construction†
Stu was in construction and facilities maintenance for 18 years.... I worked for several school districts as a general contractor- diagnosing issues and designing solutions and seeing they were done. You will see my continued interest in building and construction with my blog site At Home in Texas. More on that later.†
Stu the Contrarian Community Organizer
Half baked, but full of promise. Lots of ideas and not enough time allocated... but† is a Stu blog. 
Stu Working for a Living - StuGuruCo
I have worked with a lot of small service companies over the years. I have an affinity for the small business owner trying to keep up with finding work, getting work done, and keeping customers happy.†

Small business owners are still adjusting to the Internet and social media. New technologies have turned marketing on its head. Yellow pages? once a trusty partner now trying to reinvent itself online. Pay per click? works really when you know what you are doing. Buy leads? Wow! lots of pitfalls there!†

Bottom line, buying advertising is tough. Marketing is tough. Today, substantial business development requires sweat equity- creating useful content and sharing.

This is hard work. How do you do all this and actually get work done? This is the conundrum of the age. There is a reason why people get little information from real pros, but torrents from lightweights talking in cliches and generalities.†

There is an alternative. We can build it together. Handpicked companies can work together telling stories and sharing pictures and offering perspective to our prospects. We then link these stories and discussions back to our own websites. This is good in so many ways. Google love it. It is a sure winner in social media, but what really counts...

it helps homeowners grasp their issue, understand what they need, and helps them to distinguish between workmanlike effort from the cosmetic repair. This will help us earn a trusting community who appreciate our perspective and guidance, who appreciate the reassurance of having someone earn their trust. They hire whom they trust.†

Have you been approached as a potential partner in this effort? congratulations, if you have been. This is a rudimentary start, but each connection built is a highly leveraged win win for every participant. This is the start of a new way to see the marketing world. You havenít seen it before, because it cannot be built with money or technology. But the results will be disruptive to any local marketplace.. To this local marketplace.†

What do you feel are your greatest constraints to moving forward to business growth? This collaborative model can help substantially. It will give you time. It will provide leverage. There are so many advantages in this collaborative space, but that story is for another day.That is a long story but you can see the rudiments of a collaborative effort here.

At Home in North Texas

Some people know Stu as Big Ed

Some people have seen Stu in a suit

Stu as a Horse Whisperer

Stu the Outdoorsman Mountain Biking

Stu has a twin brother. A fact not known by many. But a fact nonetheless...
Stu and Steve, the Langley Twins... over 600 pounds of 600 pounds to see what that many pounds of trouble looks like...

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